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Our Engagement Model

We create agile engagement models to build a strong and sustainable ecosystem.





Our partners say

"The startup ecosystem is in serious need of initiatives and platforms of this nature. This platform gives voice to entrepreneurs and businesses of all backgrounds that would otherwise find it difficult to be heard or even to exist. I am looking forward to back the pull of talent that will emerge from this community. "
Hesus inoma
Grant Thornton - Director
"Having interviewed numerous entrepreneurs and businesses the most common concern is not being able to make customers to understand what they are all about. This scholarship is as great answer to this concern as its designed to empower entrepreneurs to make their communication more relatable."
Helen DesBois
"As a trainer and mentor, with passion for building and growing relationships, as well as interacting and collaborating with a range of people and businesses. This scholarship cares about bringing people, businesses, and countries together and recognising their different roles in the ecosystem."
Patrycja Evangelou
Ambassador - Pat-First Step Coaching
"As an advocate working with communities from different backgrounds when it comes to entrepreneurship the interest is very much there. The obstacle is the lack of relatable voices and the unleveled playing field and Gettopreneur is tackling this problem head on with their Scholarship"
Luzia Antonio Berechet
"This Scholarship has the right elements to seriously add value to the startup ecosystem and create a platform for a new wave of talented entrepreneurs and businesses."
Dr. Kisito Futonge Nzembayie
Entrepreneurship Lecturer - Technological University Dublin

Frequently asked questions

Yes, we welcome ideas and businesses that needs help either to make the idea a reality or to scale an already existing company.

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  • Industry agnostic with a growing network of relatable industry experts ready to guide you on your entrepreneurial journey.
  • Flexible engagement model backed by an experienced team, partners and relatable entrepreneurs.  
  • Digital lead program with that will cover all you need to build a successful business.
  • Entrepreneur Centric Touch Base Business Health Check.
  • Getting you investor ready.

Introduction key resources and bodies including our network of: Investors Firms, VC’s and Angels.

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Entrepreneurs Pathways Program

A program that gives underrepresented entrepreneurs from all backgrounds. 

– Scholarships 

– Tools & Resources

– Direct path into Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Our goal is to provide a platform were underrepresented entrepreneurs can create a new wave of future leaders that accurately represents the society we live in.